Frequently Asked Questions

BIO PROGRAM is an accelerator program in Cambodia initiated by Cambodia Investor Club Association since 2018 and created with an aim to catapult the business to next level by giving them access to a capacity development program, mentorship, consultation and an opportunity to get investment funds that help them become stable and self-sufficient businesses.

The program takes approximately 05 months.

Yes, you can. All the training sessions & workshops that you miss will be compensated in the next batch.

First, you need to register by filling an application form (Find the form in the REQUIREMENT SESSION).
After that, submit your completed application form attached with the required documents.
Then the BIO Program team will contact you for assessment and interview.

Most of sessions are normally held on Saturday ( At most twice per month).

You can send a representative by noticing to BIO Program team, and make sure that the one you send she/he can understand the module. However, we do not encourage you to miss many training sessions & workshops.

BIO Program is run by Cambodia Investor Club Association. By joining BIO Program, you will become an Associate Member of Cambodia Investor Club Association automatically. This program is open to public. If you meet the requirement, you are welcome to join the program.

Yes, all participants will receive mentoring session (either group mentoring or one-to-one mentoring)

A particpants can get max. 2 sessions for group mentoring or 2 hour for one-to-one mentoring.

We do not guarantee that you will definitely receive funding for the program. However, there are several financial solutions provided by our partners such as:

- CiC Capital: Debt & Equity Investment (Debt – 50K USD & Equity – 50K to 1.5M USD)
- CiC Plc: Strategic Investment (Members can study the option of Merger & Acquisition with CiC Plc)
- Investment from Angel Investors Network: Fund raising from angel investors with amount (From 15K USD)
- Other Partners: such as ARDB with Credit Guarantee Scheme Focus on Agricultural Sector


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